All distractions gone

In the dark it shines

The beat of the rhythm gives it life

It multiplies a tiny ray of light

Shimmers its dots on every lost corner and every unattended crack

Empty dance floor

It keeps turning if I dance or not

It plays out loud

ah ah ah ah Stayin’Alive





What is it about you

It was so short

Still you linger around in my mind so very long

My reasons to leave were valid

Still your pull is like I never left

I long

I long

I long for our long conversations, your sensual touch and a shared spliff at the end of it

secretly in myself

You are still very much part of me

I fear

I fear

I fear you as much as I love you

Are you an attraction of my dysfunctional needs?

Or are you the manifestation of my true desires?

What is attachment?

What is love?




Thank you for letting me rest here

when my home couldn’t offer me comfort

Too many things, walls, family

Your shadow a soft blanket of air

light on my heavy body

aching body of grief

The open air has me included into everything

your shadow keeps me from overwhelming by it

freedom in just the right amount

I feel save underneath you even though you are not protecting me from anything

you are just there

without any questions

your presence the only interaction

you offer me silence


I sit underneath you and I stare

I stare at what is your everyday surroundings

surroundings you will never leave

Staring into the horizon

covered by a blanket of air

into your silence I sink

into myself

and finally

finally I am able to cry



How dare you bite me
How dare you suck my blood and take it with you to fill your belly
Feeding of me
Taking my DNA with you wherever you go
Mixing it with others
I feel me in you
I know you need to feed
But why choose me
You have a whole body that is yours to feed of
You still had to suck a bit of mine
Sneaky you are, around me all the time
Claiming your presence with your buzzing in my ear
Try so hard not to hear
Now you took it further and you stung
Your stinging sensation rips through my skin and now I don’t have the possibility to ignore anymore
I scratch and scratch
Until I bleed



Between these two walls we released a bouncing ball. The only contact we allow is the hit of the ball. It won’t stop bouncing as it hits you and after hits me and so forth. As for a ball can’t break walls.

Your wall infront of me taking up my whole view. I can’t comprehend that my view is flat as I have a wall like you. You only see to blame me and as counterpart I only see to blame you. Two walls infront of eachother with every hit building it up higher and longer, wanting to be together but never able to reach eachother.